Karaoke Junkies

of Springfield, Missouri

Meet Your Admins!

Clyde 'Doc Seuss' Starr

The creator of Karaoke Junkies of Springfield, Mo, as well as being the Original Karaoke Junkie who would walk a country mile or 20 to get to a show when he was healthy enough to do so. The Doctor, or 'Doc' as most call him sings a wide variety of songs, from every genre of music out there. He started his karaoke journey back in California singing with Karaoke Party Connetion and sometimes working as a KJ for that company. Doc has sang karaoke now in 48 states, as well as Mexico and Canada and really lives for karaoke. The Doc created Karaoke Junkies to help promote karaoke and karaoke-singers in Springfield, Mo and surrounding areas. At age 45, he suffers from several health issues, but still manages to make it out to karaoke whenever he can, and is most known for singing songs by Guns & Roses, CCR, and Ray Stevens, just to name a few.

Crystal Dawn Vandeweerd

The first admin Doc recruited for the Junkies, Crystal is a well known singer in and around the Springfield area who has even gone out for 'the Voice' and plans to again. Crystal is one of the best Country/Western vocalists in the area and is known for singing such songs as 'On a Pontoon' and 'My Church' among a host of others.

Megan Ann Frantz

Also known as Megan Matney, Megan is a singer and admin for Karaoke Junkies that is just filled with heart. She has overcome throat cancer surgery where they said she would probably never talk again, only to go on singing her heart out whenever she can. Nothing keeps this fighter down and her voice is that of an angel, albeit one who's seen the darker side of the world, not just heaven. She is known especially for such Janis Joplin favorites as 'Me and Bobby McGee' as well as her duet with Doc, 'Close Your Eyes Forever' by Ozzie Ozborne and Lita Ford

Ginny Hannah Tranbarger

If you think Doc's sung in a lot of karaoke places, then watch out for Ginny, she even used to sing karaoke in Guam, as well as run shows. Ginny has a voice as versatile s Doc's, and sings songs from every genre of music you can think of. You never quite know what song is going to come out of Ginny when you see her out and about, but she does have a fondness for many show tunes, like from the musical 'Wicked' and she's active with some of the Springfield Theater/Choir groups as well as being an admin for Karaoke Junkies. If you want a laugh, come hear Ginny sing a duet with Doc like 'Does He Love You' (Doc is Reba)

Janis Hayes Anderson

Known as Mom throughout Springfield's Karaoke community, or Momma Janis, Janis is a long standing member of the singing elite in and around the area. She mixes a blend of older classic musical tastes with a whimsy of new fun songs as well. Janis is not afraid of gender-bending a song either, like all of our admins, Janis is always up for a challenge. Come out and hear her sing 'Seven Spanish Angels' or 'Pussycat' if you want a real treat!

Who would you like to see as featured singers? Do you have a favorite you love listening to? This is where we're going to show tribute to our exceptional singers out there. To submit someone for consideration as a featured singer, send email to Submissions with the subject reading: "Featured Singer" along with a link to either their picture, or a video of them singing and a brief bio