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...to Karaoke Junkies of Springfield, Mo and the surrounding areas. Your one stop website to get to know where to go when you're out and about with a need to get your sing on!

Karaoke Junkies is your website for all things Karaoke in the Springfield area and surrounding cities. If you know a venue or KJ who does shows in the area that is not represented here, please tell them about us. We do not charge for our advertising. Our sole goal is to spread the Karaoke Addiction far and wide.

Note:We will NOT promote shows run via YouTube.com as that is ILLEGAL!!!

Keep tuned here for more as we live and grow in our coverage of all things Karaoke in the Springfield area. Karaoke Junkies of Springfield, Mo is a labor of love and we appreciate all the kind comments we receive from those of you who go to our facebook group. If you haven't been, you can reach it HERE!! If you'd like to help support our efforts in maintaining the website, just click HERE!! to make a donation to our upkeep via PayPal.

Feel free to explore the website at your leisure. We have several great sections you can check out. Meet myself and my fellow admins on the Featured Singers page. Find out what your weekly karaoke schedules are like in your favorite singing spots on our Schedule page. If your curious about who runs the shows in the neighborhood, head on over to our Local KJs page. Finally, although you can get a quick list here on the main page, head over to our Junkies' Choice Awards page to see who you picked to be the best in KJs and Venues in the Springfield area. We will be adding some other singer bios, contest listings, KJ bios and more in the future as well.

We'd Like to Congratulate
Robert Rags Sparks of DrunkenSober Karaoke,
2017 Junkies' Choice for best KJ
Ruthie's with Phil Littledog,
2017 Junkies' Choice for best Venue

We'd also like to recognize that
Johnny Cross
was named
by 'Local 417' Magazine

Don't forget to check out <====== our link to 417Entertainment.net's Karaoke and Comedy calendar of events for another resource for your karaoke needs

Junkies' Choice Awards

Best Venue

Best KJ

2017 Ruthie's 2017 Robert Rags Sparks
2016 Stepchild's 2016 Shpoo Fahr
2015 Stepchilds 2015 Robert Rags Sparks
2014 Stepchilds 2014 Shpoo Fahr
2013 Drunken Monkey 2013 KJ Kamakazi