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Karaoke Junkies of Springfield, Mo

Meet Your Moderators:

Karaoke Junkies is a Labor of Love, and it is made possible by the work of a few individuals who try to keep the group on topic and conflict to a minimum. Without further adieu, let me introduce to you, your Moderators:

Doc is the evil mastermind behind Karaoke Junkies. He is the creator, founder, and the evil lurker you never expect. In all seriousness, though, Doc is a singer with more songs on his resume than Elvis and the Beatles combined. He sings just about every genre' of music out there, and good or bad, he's always having fun. If you have any concerns about the group, the website, or just need a duet partner, call on Doc...you'll be glad you did.

Allison is Doc's other half. Where goest Doc, Allison is there as well. She is his driver, girlfriend, and eyes in the sky when he can't get online, and she is dedicated to keeping the peace in the group and making sure the rules get followed. She isn't really a singer herself, still a little stage-shy, however, once in a great while, we may be able to talk her onto the stage to show us what she's got. Maybe if we try hard enough, she'll get addicted like the rest of us Junkies...but until then, she is the #1 part of Doc's support structure and always has his back.

Janis is the group's Den Mother. Known as mom by those really close to her, even without blood relations, she is always watchdogging the group to look for the naughty boys and girls out there who are being a little too rambunxious for the rest of us. In addition to her motherly duties, she is also an amazing singer, and if you get a chance to hear her, you'll be glad you did.

Crystal is our country queen out there in Moderator land. She once even got into the try-outs for The Voice, although she never made it to the live broadcasted auditions. This was definitely not for lack of talent, as there's pretty much no country tune that Crystal can't belt out, along with a mix of older rock and alternative tunes as well. Outside of the site, she is also Doc's best friend, so be sure, she'll be letting Doc know if she finds any misbehavior in the group. Regardless of all that, she is a great joy to be around, and usually one of the lives of the party, if not quite as totally shameless as Doc can be.

Ginny is probably one of the most technically perfect singers your going to find out there. Her ear for music is rivalled only by her vast repetoir of songs that she can sing. She doesn't make it out as much as she used to (and who does) but if you do get the chance, take a listen. She doesn't post as much in the group either, but she is to be found lurking in the background, and will step up when another moderator isn't available to quell a trouble-maker.

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